Our Process

Specifying Details

If you have decided to get our academic help, the first step is needed from your side. You should place an order on our website. You will need to register and then fill in the order form answering some simple questions concerning your order. You should mention not only the kind of your assignment but also its size, topic, the deadline and some additional information. If you have some necessary information you can attach a file as well.

Payment and choosing personal writer

When you are done with the order form, you will be asked to pay for the order. The price will be calculated taking into account the type of writing, size and deadline. The earlier you need the order done, the more you pay. You can complete the payment with PayPal or using credit card.

Once the payment is confirmed, we start looking for a writer for you. All our writers are true professionals and they can deal with all the tasks, the only thing which plays role here is the deadline. When the appropriate writer is found we will inform you about that (it takes only a few minutes) and if you would like you can start a live chat with that writer. We appreciate when customers want to share their ideas and own thoughts according the order. Everything is taken into consideration, so this helps a writer to make an assignment more personalized and of client`s expectations.

How is your order done?

Then a writer starts working on the order. First of all, he/she needs to enrich own knowledge on the given topic. Only reliable recourses are used for this. Our professionals cooperate only with accurate information. So each order contains only proved facts. Then the creative process starts. Each writer does own best to reach the top of perfection. Their talent certainly helps them in this. Their broad outlook and non-ordinary views are the main indicators of successful writing. This is how we work on your order. After the work of a writer is done, a linguist checks it and corrects it.

Finally you get it!

When the order is well-formatted and done according to all academic standards and your personal requirements, we send it to our customers via email. There`s also an opportunity to download an assignment from your own cabinet on our website.

You as our customer are supposed to check what you`ve got, and confirm the receiving. If you see something wrong in the writing and you have some remarks, you are to get in touch with us and we offer you a free revise of the order and correction of what you want to.

If the order is done in totally inappropriate way and there`s our fault there, you should contact our support team and they will make the situation clear. If you want we can remake the order or you can get your money back. We value our customers and their grateful words that`s why we are loyal to all customers` rights and we strictly follow them.

Take some rest while our professionals will do a top-quality assignment for you! Welcome!